REVIEW: Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System by Vanity Planet

Last month I was invited by the lovely people at Vanity Planet to join their Brand Ambassador programme, and along with this came the opportunity to sample some of their amazing products!

I only had to wait a couple of days until my first item arrived in the mail – the Ultimate Skin Spa – Facial Cleansing System. This post will be my unbiased review of this product after having tested it out for a couple of weeks.

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System

Cleansing facial brushes have been around for years, promising a deeper clean and improved complexion in comparison to standard “motor-less” methods. Soft-bristled brush heads are attached to a battery-powered machine and once turned on, the brush moves in a repetitive motion (either side-to-side, or in circular patterns) over your skin. This motion is designed to remove the dirt and grime that collect in your pores (pollution, makeup residue, sweat, etc.). The brushes simultaneously exfoliate your skin, removing the surface layer of dead skin cells, and leaving a glowing and more even complexion.

The Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa came with a set of three brushes – a Daily Cleansing brush, an Exfoliating brush and a Silicone brush that’s particularly good for sensitive skin (like mine!). All you need to do is squirt a bit of cleanser on top of the brush and buff buff buff ya face.

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System

The device can rotate at two speeds – the lowest speed is perfect for using with the Daily Cleansing brush before bed when you’re getting rid of any excess makeup or grime. The highest speed is great to use with the Exfoliating brush to create a deeper clean and improve your complexion.

The Silicone Facial brush has got to be my favourite though. At first appearance, it looks slightly intimidating – it consists of a collection of sharp-looking spikes stuck to a wide plastic plate. However when it touches your skin you realise how gentle and soft these so-called ‘spikes’ actually are. When it is rotating at a low speed against your face it feels like a tingly massage – heavenly! Rather than scrubbing or buffing like the other two brushes, the Silicone brush is designed to have a more gentle cleansing and massaging effect.

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System

My fave things about it

  • It exfoliates, buffs and cleanses – what better all-in-one tool could you want for your skincare routine?
  • My skin feels softer, cleaner and not taut after use – I often find that using cleansing products/tools can make my skin feel stiff and tight afterwards, but not with this one!
  • It’s thought that these motorised cleansing brushes can be particularly beneficial for those with acne! It’s too early for me to conclude that it has/hasn’t helped with my own acne but I’m keen to see how long-term use might improve the overall quality of my skin.
  • The Silicone brush really does feel amazing.
  • Vanity Planet is a completely CRUELTY-FREE company!

What isn’t so good about it?

  • It requires a bit more effort and time compared to your average rub-ya-face-with-soap routine
  • Those with particularly sensitive skin should be more wary of cleansing brushes in general – I have sensitive and red-prone skin, so I take care not to put too much pressure on the brush on my face or buff too vigorously
  • No batteries included

My overall opinion of the Ultimate Skin Spa is really positive, and I’m excited to see how it benefits my skin further the longer that I use it for.

Click here if you want to go straight to the product on the Vanity Planet website to find out a bit more, and have a lil browse at the other gorgeous health, beauty and wellness items they sell while you’re there!



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