2018: What Now?


I’m writing this post from the comfort of my duvet cocoon on the first morning of 2018, surrounded by jugs of water to detox from the sour wine we drank last night and many packets of crisps we ate afterwards.

Me and the boyf spent the first moments of the new year on top of Primrose Hill in North London, in front of the most stunning view of the city. The annual fireworks displays around the London Eye and along the Thames were mere sparks in the distance but it was a magical atmosphere and a night I won’t forget in a hurry.

I normally spend New Year’s Day in pyjamas in front of movies surrounded by yummy treats (starting the year with a salad has never been my thing…) and today will be nothing different ☺️

I love setting New Year’s Resolutions and normally spend the end of December and first day of the new year refining and writing them up. This year I’ve been a tad slack though and am still reflecting on the past year and thinking about what I want to achieve over the next 12 months.


Nonetheless, I’m going to talk about some of the resolutions and goals I know I want to resolve or accomplish in 2018, with the hope that publicly announcing them on my blog will make me more motivated to achieve them! 😂

I can imagine that most of us who make resolutions will have their own personal, private ones they like to keep under wraps so this post will be dedicated to the more generic (perhaps slightly more superficial) little things I want to do this year!

1. Sort out my skin

My skin has been the source of massive insecurities for the past six months so 2018 is going to have a focus on detoxing, inside and out. Whether it’s filling up on superfoods, monthly facials / dermaplaning / dermabrasion sessions, or investing in an effective luxury skincare product or two – I’m determined to get my skin bothers under wraps this year.


2. Make time for creativity

It’s natural to grow out of interests with age, but creative activities like painting and photographing and writing and designing, even makeup and baking and sewing up clothes, have always been a massive part of my life. 2017 was definitely the year for excuses though – “I’m too tired to get all the paints out“, “I’m not creative or clever or imaginative enough to think of cool new designs for the blog“, “I just can’t be arsed“.

IMG_4536.jpgBut this year, I’m shutting them down! I know that when I let my creative side shine I’m a happier and more chilled person, and that’s all I can really want for this new year.

3. Eat mindfully

I’m guilty of eating almost every meal in front of a movie or TV programme, whilst reading a book or typing away on my phone. It often means I get to the end of a plate of food without realising I’ve even eaten it or feeling particularly full.  Mindful eating has its roots in Buddhist teachings – something I also want to learn more about this year – and aims to reconnect us with the experience of eating. The goal is to listen to our body’s physical cues, for example distinguishing between feeling hungry and feeling emotional. It’s also about focusing more on foods’ texture, taste and aroma. Mindful eating is thought to help you build a healthier and more positive relationship with food and your body too!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

4. Detox

I’ve already mentioned that a major skin detox is in the plan for 2018, but I also want to have a good clean-out of other areas of my life. The main focus will be on materials – I’m planning to donate / sell / chuck a lot of the junk that I’ve acquired over the years. While it can be sad to get rid of things that hold sentimental value, detoxing also feels massively liberating and it’s so much nicer to spend time in an environment that isn’t bursting with things I don’t need or use anymore.

5. Get moving

Apart from a phase during my late teens, I’ve never been a big fan of exercise or working out.

For six/seven months during sixth form I was working out every other day – doing Zumba in my room, using my brother’s weights, jogging in the evenings – but I gained muscle on my legs, someone said I looked fat and I used this as a reason to stop.

I then got diagnosed with a heart condition about a year ago and used this as another excuse not to work out or do anything active. I spent most of the summer in 2017 making a dent in my couch, gaining weight and feeling more and more gross every day. I noticed every little cardiac symptom and dwelled on the fear that it was going to get worse.

But then I got a job and was forced to walk to and from the station every day, run up and down tube escalators and dart my way through the rush-hour crowds from platform to platform. Suddenly my heart symptoms started getting better – I wasn’t swaying from dizziness or struggling to breathe or worrying about my heart going mad half as much as usual! I definitely put this down to getting off my arse and giving my body the activity it deserved and needed. Even just an hour of walking each day has helped, so what magic might a half-hour workout on top of that do?!? ☺️


I want to ignite a love (or at least a ‘like’) for working out and moving my body and then hopefully other areas of my life, like my skin, weight and mood, will feel the effects too.

These five goals are amongst others that I want to, and am excited to, achieve over the next 365 days. I hope you all had a wonderful start to 2018 – I’d love to hear about your resolutions and goals for the next year!



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