4 Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Mothers – we chat with them for hours about our latest life dramas, they listen to us rant about annoying siblings or work or our lack of money, we bicker with them when they want us to wear a coat when it really isn’t that cold outisde and, ultimately, we adore them through-and-through.

The 11th of March is Mother’s Day in the UK and a wonderful excuse to show our mums how grateful we are for the years of love and labour. It’s also a day that comes with a bit of pressure – what are you meant to buy the woman who’s done so much for us and loved us unconditionally over the years (even when we stain the bathroom with hair dye, vomit in the front garden after one too many or beg for lifts to the station late at night)?

If you have the means and desire to drown your mum in pearls and roses and diamonds then go for it, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to make her smile. A homemade card and plate of scrambled eggs on toast bought to her in bed is often more than enough to show your mum that you’re grateful for the love and life she’s given you (although I’m sure a nice Michael Kors bag or box of gold eternity roses wouldn’t go amiss 🙊).

If, like me, you’re a bit strapped for cash this month and are looking for some sweet but personal gift ideas, this blog might give you the bit of #inspo you need…

Cute stationary

God knows how but mothers are wonderfully organised beings. How they coordinate family mealtimes, dentist appointments, maintaining a respectable house and knowing where everyone is all the time is baffling, but they do it bloody well.

Often, behind every organised woman is a very large collection of stationary and tools (or bits of scrap paper all over the house, if it’s my lovely mama). Why not add to her toolbox with some cute new notebooks and pens this Mother’s Day?

Forget 50p spiral bound notebooks from the corner shop and those pads of paper you steal from hotel rooms (just me?) – this vibrant set from Studio Sweet & Sour is the perfect accessory for any organised mum.

I got gifted these for my birthday this year and they’ll be staying firmly in my cherished notebook collection, but a set of pads along the same vein are the perfect little gift. Kate Spade have a gorgeous set of three wired notebooks and Pull and Bear are selling a pretty marble one.

Sentimental lockets

Whether it’s in the form of a necklace or bracelet, lockets are an ultra-personal addition to any outfit. Every year, from age 12 when I saw my cousin wearing one, to age 17, I would remind my mum that the only present I really wanted for my “big 18th” was a locket. I’m a sucker for personal, sentimental gifts and I’d always imagined a locket being the perfect way to mark my entrance into adulthood.

I get to carry my family (and doggo!) around with me whenever I wear this pretty heart-shaped piece and I guarantee any mama will love it for the same reason. This one is from The Locket Tree but Littlewoods and Beaverbrooks have lovely ones too.

Lots of jewellers let you personalise the piece too for that extra bit of sentimentality – get the names of your other family members engraved on the back or a simple ‘thank you for letting me live rent free while I save money for a flat‘.

A “scent set”

For some of us, the whiff of a certain scent can feel like a big mama’s hug. Does your mum gravitate towards floral scents like lavender or rose? Maybe she’s a fan of that cliché ‘fresh linen’ smell or has a favourite Estée Lauder perfume?

Go hunting for products with her favourite scent and create a basket full of skincare, fragrance or beauty products. Think hand creams, talcum powders, perfumes, body washes, soaps, candles, diffusers, room mists… Every time she spritzes a little on her wrist or gives the living room a couple of sprays, she’ll think of the angelic child that gave it to her 👼

Flower subscription

Treat your mum every month with a flower subscriptionThis gift idea will cost more than a few pennies but if your mum is a big fan of blooms, a monthly flower subscription is a sweet way to treat her all year round.

Flowerbx lets you choose from weekly / fortnightly / monthly deliveries of white or coloured flowers, and Bloom & Wild will send your stems in letterbox-friendly boxes so you don’t have to worry about being home when they’re delivered.

If, like me, you’re completely clueless about which service is best to go for, The Telegraph have a great run-down of the best subscription boxes available.

I hope this mini gift guide gave you the inspiration you needed to treat your mum this Mother’s Day – what are you going to get her?



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