22 Things I Learnt In 22 Years

It’s been over a month since I last published something on here and I’ve really missed it!! Writing – whether it’s about clothes or makeup on my blog or the latest life drama in my diary – is sooo therapeutic and I’ve neglected it for too long. I won’t say it’s because I’ve been too busy – the hermit crab life has truly sucked me in this month something has just had to give while I attempt to get the balance right between work / catching up on what feels like 3 months-worth of sleep / keeping in touch with pals / eating properly / stayin’ peppy.

Last Tuesday I took the day off work to help J with a health thing and found myself sitting in a cafe for three hours without internet. There had been no better time to try and get back into the swing of blogging!

It was my birthday the day after and while I normally dislike the actual day (annual unprovoked bday blues, yay), it’s a good time to reflect on the past year and think about what can make my next trip around the sun a better and more enriching one. “X things I learnt in X years” is a blog I’ve seen floating around the internet and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon to document my first birthday celebrated on the blog 🎂

So, if you want to find out what insightful / inspiring / interesting / probably utterly useless bits of info I’ve picked up over the past 22 years, read on…!

1. It’s OK to leave university without a plan

Yeah, I know having things planned out to a T dampens that natural fear of certainty, but it’s OK (and normal) to not know which direction to take after uni. It’s also absolutely OK to change that direction after realising the path you thought you wanted to go down didn’t feel quite right after all.

2. Saving money is great but don’t deprive yourself of a monthly cocktail or that sexy pair of shoes you can’t stop thinking about

You’ll get that dream Australian apartment / shiny new car / family of dachshunds one day (let’s cross our fingers for age 60 🤞).

3. “Too busy” isn’t an excuse not to stay in touch with friends

It takes two minutes during your commute to work or while you’re waiting in a queue at a store to drop your mate a text after a couple months of silence. You’ll feel all the more happy ‘n loved for it.

4. Always put bread, a glass of water and makeup wipes next to your bed before a night out

Your very-hungover self will thank your kind-and-supportive-night-before self a lot.

5. Invest in yourself

If a fresh manicure, blow-out or indulgent new face cream once in a while will give your inner radiance a boost, just do it.

IMG_00796. Quality over quantity

That goes for clothes, friendships, Instagram posts, food…

7. You and your sibling won’t hate each other forever

Your relationship will improve ten-fold when one of you moves out of the family home 😂

8. Time will heal any bad mood

And pizza. Pizza helps too.

9. Eat the frog

A wonderful phrase I learnt at work – putting off things you really don’t want to do will only make it more painful when you eventually get round to it. Just eat the frog, get the annoying / scary / cringe-worthy task over with and focus on the next great thing to come.

10. Worrying about the future or past is an enormous waste of mental and emotional energy that could be better used to pursue happiness in the present

Use “the now” to alter your perceptions of the past and set yourself up for a more enriching future.


11. You’re the average of the five people you spend most time with

Make sure they radiate the positivity, passion and attitude that you would like to too.

12. Don’t run yourself into the ground trying to get perfect A Level and/or GCSE results

Poorer grades won’t hurt you half as much as poor mental health will.

13. Your previous fashion / hairstyle choices will definitely come to haunt you…

…but those neon leg-warmers, tutus and self-cut fringes will be the source of much laughter and bonding with mates years later.

14. Trust your instinct

If your gut is repeatedly telling you that something isn’t quite right, listen to it.

15. Others’ success is just as important and worth celebrating as your own

Also, any excuse for a glass of ‘seccy.


16. It’s OK to feel lonely and sad, and to make yourself feel worse by listening to melancholy music or by watching a Nicholas Sparks movie

Just don’t forget that you’ve got lots of people around you who will relate, who care and who will listen to any string of mumbling, jumbling self-pitying words you’ve got to say.

17. Eating that crème brûlée or bowl of macaroni cheese or entire share-bag of Doritos in one sitting will not make you fat

If you do it every day for a week perhaps you’ll put on a pound or two, but after one odd treat or to celebrate a pal’s birthday? Stop fussing gurl.

18. Doing things alone will teach you a lot about yourself and your capabilities

You can do it, and you’ll be fine.

19. Unlike the characters in the American high school dramas you grew up watching, most people do not have bad intentions

Everyone (including you) will say things they don’t mean. You will judge others’ actions in ways that they never intended them to be perceived and others will do the same of yours – we can’t read each others’ minds, after all. Negative words do not always equal negative intentions and you’ll be a lot better off if you accept this from the start.

20. It is absolutely OK to still enjoy Disney / Dreamworks movies and sometimes favour them over a night-out

You’ll get to uni and realise everyone else is just as obsessed with them too… stick one on the box, grab a bowl of popcorn and you’ve got an excellent girly bonding sesh.

21. People will comment on your excitement over the smallest things – embrace it

The ability to grasp joy from the tiniest action or smallest sweet comment will pull you out of lows and help bring others up into the clouds too.

22. Take time to step back and realise what your priorities are

It’ll save a lot of time and a lot of energy.




The It-Knits (A/W 17)

“Fall has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” ~ Lauren DeStefano

By the beginning of October, trees have started to turn magical shades of pink and orange and red, leaves seem to find their way into the house every time you open the door, and that “new season” feeling has truly set in. Autumn is my favourite time of the year – finally I’ve got an excuse to snuggle up in big chunky sweaters 24/7 and spend my evenings sipping cocoa in front of the fire. I can pop to the shops in an oversized jumper dress, unbeknownst to others that I’ve got pyjamas on underneath that I haven’t bothered to change out of. I can use “it’s too cold” as an excuse not to leave my cosy house, and most importantly, I can invest in some new autumn outfits!

It’s not rare to find knitwear in the Autumn/Winter trend charts, but in 2017 there is a strong focus on textures. Cable knits, feathers and fur – sweaters this season are going to be adorned with all manner of materials and patterns. While I’ve not yet jumped on the feathered-sweater bandwagon, and that furry Zara jumper will be sitting on my wish list until I get a pay cheque, I’m so excited to have another excuse to fill up my closet with some more fluffy and velvety items.

In this post, I’ll be talking about some of the knitwear – new and old – that I’ll be wearing for the rest of the season (or year, tbh).



This cropped striped sweater was purchased from H&M years ago, but there are lots of similar pieces on the market at the moment such as these at Forever 21 and New Look. It combines two popular trends – the monochrome striped pattern that has plastered the catwalks for the majority of this year; and the cropped style, perfect for pairing with high-waisted miniskirts or jeans, or over a flowing dress. I’m embracing texture in this outfit and pairing this crop with a beautiful lace midi-skirt (originally from an M&S sale rack, similar can be found at Missguided and Very.co.uk), a big silver chain necklace (Missguided have a gold version) and some chunky white heels (Boohoo; similar here).


skitchAvenir Stripe collage (FIRST ONE!)

You can find similar knitted turtleneck jumpers at ASOS and Missguided.



As might be evident from the name of my blog, I’ve got a weakness for anything velvet – whenever I’m adorning any soft bits of clothing, you’ll find me unconsciously stroking it throughout the day 😂. I own very few pieces of beige-coloured clothing but I fell in love with this Chenille jumper from Stradivarius as soon as I saw it on its hanger. Its beautiful texture adds detail to an otherwise plain piece, and I love the contrast of the light nude on darker colours. I’m a big fan of neutral palettes, so I’ve paired it with a really simple grey A-line skirt and black boots; the cute “bunting” necklace adds a nice pop of colour though. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Tesco sell almost identical ones in three colours, and River Island have got a cardigan version!



This gorgeous mustard yellow is going to be my staple colour this season. It’s bright and it’s bold – something I often shy away from when I’m constructing my outfits each day, but this cosy knit from Primark adds a much-needed burst of colour into my otherwise dark wardrobe. The sleeves on this piece are wider than average – I love how they look when they’re rolled up – and the neckline is almost polo-style. I’ll be wearing this sweater with black skinny jeans, a pair of chunky boots and an oversized scarf when the weather starts getting cooler. Primark don’t have this piece on their website, but similar-ish versions can be found at Missy Empire and New Look.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my (slightly unhealthy) affection for jumpers, and perhaps feel a tad more inspired to fill your own closet with knitwear and cosy clothing for this new beautiful season.



It’s About Time…

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetEvery year, for the past six-or-so years, “start a blog” has been written amongst the tens of other goals on my New Year’s resolutions lists. Until now I’ve not had the time or balls to publish a website with my name and face attached to it; I’ve questioned my ability to create content that’s worth reading, and whether I’m imaginative enough to regularly write interesting posts about new topics!

This summer I have tried to dedicate time to reigniting my passion for writing, photography and art, things that I used to love doing until I let my psychology degree take over most of the space in my brain. It has been such a relaxing and invigorating few months – I’ve managed to pick up books (that weren’t textbooks!) for the first time in years and actually get to the end of them; I’ve taken so many photos and reminded myself of why I loved photography in the first place; I’ve explored new areas of my city; I’ve painted and drawn and collaged; and most importantly, I’ve moved further down the path of understanding what truly makes my heart flutter (yay for tachycardia!).

My 3-year university degree came to an end in June and at the time, I don’t think I had ever felt more lost or unsure of what to do next! But after settling back in at home with my family and finding myself with lots of spare time (funemployment for ya…), my old creative interests started to return – suddenly I wanted to write & paint and photograph beautiful things and listen to inspirational podcasts and style outfits again! So I picked up my paintbrush, unclipped my camera lens, invested in some new clothes and created a blog.

Joie de Velvet will likely be a reflection of the weird and wonderful things that fill up my brain; a mixture of fashion, photography, beauty & travel, maybe with a little bit of psychology thrown in now and again. I really hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.